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Ok, it's simple.

Next post below is the setup. Post what you think will happen when the 2 combattants fight, or how it could happen.

Then check the 2nd post to see what happened, and give me your comments. :) Please!
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Ok, so a hypothetical situation here, in the state of Denmark (or US, but whatever).

Who, out of these 2 candidates, would win in a fight, anything goes except weapons, just body to body.

First, in the red corner, we have Jessica, a 16year old sophomore from high-school, 5'2", 112 lbs.

In the blue corner, we have Frank, a 26year old man, 5'11", 235 lbs. (corrected age)

So, who would win? Results would follow soon, in the below post. You can comments, please do, explaining why you made your choice, and how you think the fight would have gone. It's all up to you.

You don't have to login if you have an LJ, but leave at least your first name. :)


More info on the setup, if you need it:Collapse )

So we have Jessica, the high-school student, and Frank, the much older sleazebag that apparently goes for young high-school girls, and so was dating Jessica. He's also a cheating scumbag.

The problem with Jessica is that she's a very rebellious girl with a devil-may-care attitude on the outside, but when it comes to personal things, she's rather naive. So even presented with some evidence of this, she wasn't convinced, so more drastic measures had to be taken.

He was fucking (or trying to) other girls, in the school, and outside of it, and the latest one he went for was a girl going to a local college, Kaye (older than his usual prey, she was 19). Unbeknowst to him, Kaye's a really good friend of Jessica's older sister, Meghan. Well, through a stroke of pure luck, they found out about this. Meghan and Kaye decided to teach the asshole a lesson (aka, get Jessica to dump him in the best way possible).

Hence his getup. Not very bright.
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Results :)Collapse )
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